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Am I qualified to work abroad?

The Pilates Institute has had the great opportunity to spread the Pilates word worldwide. With Pilates Institute license holders in so many wonderful countries we can truly say we have an international student base.

In addition to our training school here in the UK, the Pilates Institute have training centres in Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Argentina, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany and Poland.

With the help of translators we have been lucky to meet and train many students around the globe who do not speak English.

Whatever country we visit we are met with the same enthusiasm and passion for the Pilates technique, although of course each country has their own culture which can impact on the style of delivery of the training. We respect the differences that make life so interesting.

The Pilates Institute Method has the same agenda wherever we teach it and it is our intention to sustain the excellent standard of teaching and instruction that has been the cornerstone of our success here in the UK and abroad.

The content of the courses is standard, so if you train in the UK or Japan you will receive the same course, although obviously not in the same language!

The Masters Certification and Diploma breakdown are identical. Occasionally scheduling of courses and modules is slightly different to accommodate local timetables.

Distance, language, culture – nothing can stop the Pilates Institute delivering quality Pilates training to their students.

Will your certification allow you to teach on other countries?

The Pilates Institute will always be instrumental in developing a National, European and Worldwide standard for education and assessment in Pilates and work towards that standard being recognized within the Health and Fitness Industry and Educational Bodies. What that means for you is that if you hold a Pilates Institute certificate, whether it is a course, Diploma or Masters Certification, then whenever possible this will be recognised.

At present our UK Matwork Diploma will result in a Level 3 qualification on our National Health and Fitness qualification framework. This will also allow you to be registered on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) at Level 3 as a Pilates Matwork Teacher. International the picture is becoming more unified through the combined efforts of REPs and local bodies within individual countries and the European Union. To learn more about these developments we suggest you have a look at the following site:

Even with the recent developments many countries still have additional requirements that an individual may need to meet before being able to seek employment or obtain adequate insurance coverage to take up employment. It is therefore always advisable to contact someone locally who can advise. When the Pilates Institute has a licensee or contact within a country you should contact them directly to see if they are able to advise.

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