Course Fees

Pricing options vary according to your individual training plan. You can purchase courses individually or as part of a Diploma Plan. * We will work with all potential candidates to achieve the most cost effective route through your training.

On a course by course purchase each day of training is 175, Diploma programmes have a discount applied, approxmately 20%.

Full course fees are required before attendance unless working with one of the following payment plans.
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Payment Plans are available to new or existing delegates who are upgrading to or committing to the diploma programmes.

  • Matwork Diploma
  • Equipment Diploma
  • Masters Certification

Fundamental Group Matwork Qualified Matwork Diploma Upgrade

Upgrading Delegates

Those candidates who have an existing fundamental Matwork qualification with the Pilates Institute or the OCR level 2 Pilates Based Matwork qualifications have a set discount applied to the Full Diploma figures. For those candidates options are available on which elements to attend for the supporting 1-day modules but not on the number of days paid for or required to be attended.

For example:

If a candidate has already done one day courses which are included in the Diploma Structure then they do not need to re-attend these days but can replace them with any other 1-day course such as the Pilates on the Ball or the Isotoner and Foam Roller days. (Please note - this option does not apply to special events with guest presenters).

If any other options are requested or possible variations negotiated to structure then the Payment Plan will no longer be an option.

Payment Details

Structure - first payment immediately with 11 subsequent payments on the 5th of each month.

New Delegates

Matwork Diploma (Full) Payment Plan - 3300
  • Initial payment 275.00
  • 11 further payments (5th of each month) 275.00

Equipment Diploma (Full) Payment Plan - 2100
  • Initial payment 175.00
  • 11 further payments (5th of each month) 175.00

Masters Certification (Full) Payment Plan - 4500
  • Initial payment 375.00
  • 11 further payments (5th of each month) 375.00

Upgrading to Diploma

Matwork Diploma Upgrade Payment Plan - 2800
  • Initial payment 234.00
  • 11 further payments (5th of each month) 234.00

Masters Certification Upgrade Payment Plan - 4000
  • Initial payment 334.00
  • 11 further payments (5th of each month) 334.00

The production of these figures is in no way intended as a contract or guarantee. Please check the current status of these plans and request a written proposal is wishing to pursue.

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